The fees charged by the Tribunal are the same as those of the DIFC Courts pursuant to Decree No. 11 of 2010 – Amending Decree No. 57 0f 2009 issued on 27 April 2010 which introduced fees for the Special Tribunal:

Article (2) d. ‘All actions, applications and proceedings submitted to the Tribunal shall be subject to the fees applicable in the DIFC Court.’

Please click here for the DIFC Courts Fee Schedule and note the following applies on fees paid for the Tribunal:


In an effort to promote the most efficient handling of cases and allocation of resource, and in line with the Dubai World Tribunal paperless initiative, parties are encouraged to use the Dubai World Tribunal e-filing facility for the filing of Tribunal documents. Please note that a 40% surcharge will be added to the applicable fees for any document filed with the Registry for the Tribunal by means other than the e-filing facility (except for those filed for the Smalls Claims Panel).

Tribunal Hearing Fees

Please note, hearing fees shall be collected when the hearing is set down by the Tribunal based on the number of days agreed by the parties or, failing agreement, determined by the Tribunal. Fees for any overrun shall be collected prior to the expiry of the period for which the hearing was originally set down. The paying party may seek reimbursement of any payment of this fee for half-days not utilised for the relevant hearing. Reimbursement of such fees shall be at the sole discretion of the Dubai World Tribunal.

Methods of Payment

Fees to be paid for the Tribunal should be made in UAE Dirhams (at the conversion rates of USD1:AED3.675).

Payments can be made using the following methods:

  • Online payment by credit card using the Tribunals’ e-payment facility or alternatively by
  • Registering your law firm with the Tribunal’s’ credit facility.
  • Bank wire transfer
  • In person, by cash or cheque. Payments by cheque should be made payable to Government of Dubai – Special Tribunal. Please note the Tribunal will not accept cheques that are ‘crossed’ and stamped A/c Payee only.

For further information, please contact us on 04 427 3344 or by email at registry@dubaiworldtribunal.ae.